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That's the best mock southern accent I've ever heard.

Neat work from all involved! If only Henry was around to view the end result :(

I think that's the first time you've typed out a synopsis in the description. Who are you and what have you done with the real Krinkels?!

Jokes aside, that was wild. Hank bludgeoning an ATP with their own mask was a highlight for me. I look forward to part 2!

(as an interesting aside, the runtime and body count are almost exactly the same as MC7, so says the Madness Wiki)

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I can envision an expanded version of this appearing on Steam someday. No joke.

dietzribi responds:

We've never released a commercial game yet (we're working now on our first one actually!) and we're scared it's a bit too goofy and silly to be taken seriously for our first product :P
BUT who knows... Maybe at some point!

Two things worth pointing out about this game:

- Contrary to the description, the A and D keys do nothing, whereas the arrow keys (left and right) DO control your movement
- Not a massive gripe, but the addition of sound effects would be nice.

Other than that, this isn't too bad for a first dabble into game programming. Keep it up!

AntonisOustas responds:

Thank you for your vote!
- I fixed the A and D keys , what i meant is the Left Key and Right Key ( Now The Desc Is Changed)
- I update the game soon with more levels and sounds!
Thank you!

Not too bad for a first game ever...

...especially considering I just played through the whole thing. Anyway, have some stars.

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I'm feeling anything but sad listening to this. You've done a great job creating a foreboding yet catchy atmosphere in MP3 form.

larrynachos responds:

Idk it definitely gives me this weird "I'm glad I'm alive but sad that I'm destined to die" feeling. I'm glad you enjoyed it Chaz! Thanks for popping in :)

Getting a lot of 'Pumped Up Kicks' vibes from this, especially near the song's beginning. I dig.

You've captured their style brilliantly! If only Paragon were around to listen to it...

JohnnyGuy responds:

Thank you!!! :) It's a bit derived from their style, opposite approach in a couple ways in this style compared to their music. I always wondered if ParagonX9 still lurks NG, or twitter at least.

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pits'a time

MKMaffo responds:


I must say that is a very long barrel.

5 stars m8

Potatoman responds:

I know what you mean ;;;)))


Some cromulent doodles you have here!

Kinda crazed comic cartoonist coming from the county of Kent. Dave & Carl updates (at least) every Friday! Have a nice day! UPCOMING PROJECTS: IZ88 (Chapter 1 coming January 15, 2021)
COMMISSION INFO: https://www.newgrounds.com/collab/view/13272

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