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Some lines in Nevada have been crossed. Lines that should have remained uncrossed for all eternity.

Also, genre 'Drama'?

ok then

I can relate to that kid. Nice work.

Haha, I guess the 5 second rule doesn't exist in this universe!

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I can envision an expanded version of this appearing on Steam someday. No joke.

dietzribi responds:

We've never released a commercial game yet (we're working now on our first one actually!) and we're scared it's a bit too goofy and silly to be taken seriously for our first product :P
BUT who knows... Maybe at some point!

Two things worth pointing out about this game:

- Contrary to the description, the A and D keys do nothing, whereas the arrow keys (left and right) DO control your movement
- Not a massive gripe, but the addition of sound effects would be nice.

Other than that, this isn't too bad for a first dabble into game programming. Keep it up!

AntonisOustas responds:

Thank you for your vote!
- I fixed the A and D keys , what i meant is the Left Key and Right Key ( Now The Desc Is Changed)
- I update the game soon with more levels and sounds!
Thank you!

Not too bad for a first game ever...

...especially considering I just played through the whole thing. Anyway, have some stars.

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Getting a lot of 'Pumped Up Kicks' vibes from this, especially near the song's beginning. I dig.

You've captured their style brilliantly! If only Paragon were around to listen to it...

RealFaction responds:

Thank you!!! :) It's a bit derived from their style, opposite approach in a couple ways in this style compared to their music. I always wondered if ParagonX9 still lurks NG, or twitter at least.

Got the shivers by the halfway point. Great stuff.

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I feel unsettled all of a sudden.

Let me just say that seeing Salad Fingers with nostrils ups the ante in regard to creepiness. Love all of it.

MrGronk responds:

Yeah, I wanted to make him look more alien. Glad you like it!

If his roof has a leak, then that bog roll pile of his is fucked.

I like the neon-y feel of this piece. Nice work!

Kinda crazed comic cartoonist coming from the county of Kent. Dave & Carl updates (at least) every Friday! Have a nice day! ONGOING PROJECTS: Captain Obnoxious
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