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That was...rather insane, I'll admit. You guys did a great job combining violence with batshit crazyness.

It's like Star Wars and Mad Max put into one, and I adore it.

Story, animation and voice acting were all top-notch. All of you have earned this 5-star!

Keep up the good work, I'm intrigued to see what you do next.

You could say that was an odd CHAIN of events.

It was nice to watch you animating the wacky adventures of Deimos the time traveler(?). As someone taking their own baby steps in Flash I hope to have that much patience some day.

Cool sound effects, too.

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I can envision an expanded version of this appearing on Steam someday. No joke.

dietzribi responds:

We've never released a commercial game yet (we're working now on our first one actually!) and we're scared it's a bit too goofy and silly to be taken seriously for our first product :P
BUT who knows... Maybe at some point!

Two things worth pointing out about this game:

- Contrary to the description, the A and D keys do nothing, whereas the arrow keys (left and right) DO control your movement
- Not a massive gripe, but the addition of sound effects would be nice.

Other than that, this isn't too bad for a first dabble into game programming. Keep it up!

AntonisOustas responds:

Thank you for your vote!
- I fixed the A and D keys , what i meant is the Left Key and Right Key ( Now The Desc Is Changed)
- I update the game soon with more levels and sounds!
Thank you!

Not too bad for a first game ever...

...especially considering I just played through the whole thing. Anyway, have some stars.

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Reminds me a lot of the Minecraft soundtrack. I kinda dig it.

Pr0tagonist responds:

*gasp* a chaz review!?

Thanks, man, I'm glad you liked it. I feel like it's more upbeat than minecraft, but I understand the aesthetic :)

I may be addicted to this. Send help.

If I could choose only one christmas song to survive the apocalypse, this would be my most likely pick. The lyrics seal the deal.

(btw my local Co-op once sold Xmas stuff at the end of BLOODY AUGUST)

Troisnyx responds:

Good grief. I knew of a pharmacist who put up Christmas decorations in September, which was what prompted this line, but AUGUST???

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Nice work, love all the detail :)

Vagine- I mean, divine work, Luis.

The best coming out story I've ever read.

Oh, the art's nice too

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