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I can envision an expanded version of this appearing on Steam someday. No joke.

dietzribi responds:

We've never released a commercial game yet (we're working now on our first one actually!) and we're scared it's a bit too goofy and silly to be taken seriously for our first product :P
BUT who knows... Maybe at some point!

Two things worth pointing out about this game:

- Contrary to the description, the A and D keys do nothing, whereas the arrow keys (left and right) DO control your movement
- Not a massive gripe, but the addition of sound effects would be nice.

Other than that, this isn't too bad for a first dabble into game programming. Keep it up!

AntonisOustas responds:

Thank you for your vote!
- I fixed the A and D keys , what i meant is the Left Key and Right Key ( Now The Desc Is Changed)
- I update the game soon with more levels and sounds!
Thank you!

Not too bad for a first game ever...

...especially considering I just played through the whole thing. Anyway, have some stars.

Couple of things to point out here:

- I found it hard to distinguish the background from the places you can actually walk on, resulting in many frustrating deaths
- W would work better as the jump key rather than Space

In my opinion, replacing WASD with the arrow keys as movement controls would allow the player to use their right hand for movement and their left for attacking. With the current system you have two hands on the letter keys, which may be a bit uncomfortable for some, myself included. Again, just my two cents.

Aside from that, this game does have some potential!

frorns responds:

Thanks, but in the future, is the main menu. And management you can configure as you wish:) Until then, even the main menu there:)

For a first game this is some pretty neat stuff. However there's one elephant in the room that needs addressing.

There's no tutorial or list of controls that I can see either in the game or the description. I eventually figured out the controls but even so it's a MASSIVE gap in the game design

(For those wondering about the controls: WASD to move (W to wall jump as well) and number keys (1-5) to select weapons. Mouse to aim and click to fire weapon)

Also, one time while playing level 2, I was killing the enemy but when he reached 1HP he suddenly became invincible to hits, and when I jumped over him (god knows why) my character got embedded in the ceiling :/)

Jumping physics could use improvement too. All that aside, I wish you luck!

OmegaLevelGaming responds:

Thanks, I will be putting the controls in the description and will make a place where you can find the controls in game (I had meant to put them at the end of the description, but forgot). I am going to look into the enemy bug, I believe I know the problem. Thanks, I appreciate the input.

Decent way to kill time.

Oddly I did better in extreme mode (8-5) after just one go in medium (1-12). Dunno if that was a fluke or I just became Andy Murray within a matter of minutes, haha.

Some music might fill the atmosphere but than again neither did the original pong!

jolo309 responds:

Haha yeah, there's a bug with the extreme difficulty, I'm working on a fix :-)
Thanks for rating :-)

Not to sound harsh, but...

A decent looking game pretty much ruined by one massive problem.

The 1-second delay lag is near unbearable, and I noticed that the other 'Tilt' has the same problem even after an update you released for it. Surely something this simple shouldn't be lagging so much, if at all?

(putting this into context, I have a 3 GHz processor)

BlastOffProductions responds:

The FPS problem has been fixed. It used to be around 30FPS, now it can be around 60FPS. However, if this doesn't work please tell me. Thank you.

Simplistic yet somewhat addictive, an interesting take on the beginning of all video games.

5 stars!

A well made tribute to this great site, now I wish I had signed up to be part of it in some way, but oh well. Have a 5 and a fave from me c:


Another divine entry in the series, as usual. The humour and amount of fails are more than enough for you to earn all my fives!

I'm sure you might get this a lot but...err...urm...when's the next one coming out? :>

PuffballsUnited responds:

I'm glad you like the series and want more but it always makes me sad when people instantly ask for more. I worked on this game for almost a year and when people go MOAR it feels like they barely even experienced what I've been working so long on.
Don't get me wrong though, I do appreciate you enjoying the series!

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