Entry #543

A walking tour of Littleworth

2016-02-28 11:16:37 by ChazDude

Welcome to Dave & Carl's strange, twisted universe! let's get started...






More to follow... (maybe)


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2016-02-28 12:04:12

Nice. Looks like you put a lot of effort into this.

ChazDude responds:

I wouldn't say copious amounts of effort, but thanks!


2016-02-28 12:09:38

I wasn't just talking about the drawing, but also the setting of the story. I couldn't come up with something like that.

ChazDude responds:

Oh yeah, thx m8!


2016-02-28 15:14:35

Fish & chips, dipped in pork oil. Brit's daily meal.

ChazDude responds:

Pork oil? you sir are mistaken.

...except maybe David Cameron's chips.


2016-02-28 15:17:56

So the rumor about Dave had sex with piggie head is true?

ChazDude responds:

We have no idea.

True or not, dc is a tosser.


2016-04-16 07:43:50

Oh, this wasn't something i expected, i never bothered to click any links to this because i thought it was some tour you did around some place, never knew this was about the D&C universe.
It's interesting to finally see the layout of their home and a few extra pics of some locations.

ChazDude responds:

There'll probably be more locations added in future, soon enough.


2017-01-15 12:19:36

Now, that's what I call Shrek!

Order now, available for $5.99 or 4 pounds, however, only available on Blu-Ray.


2017-11-05 19:41:11

You should fix the "loose your sanity" unless that's some quaint English wording that I don't know about. (;

ChazDude responds:

This whole page needs an entire revamp, come to think of it.


2017-11-05 20:26:07

Heh, I guess so. It seems like I'm the only person who doesn't forget that this page exists. It's probably a mix of what Radaketor said, and the fact that most of the places in Dave & Carl are really, really self explanatory. That being said, this page is still cool, but it might need something to keep it interesting. You figure out what that "something" is, whether it would be some audio, animation, game, or just any creative art ideas.