Entry #106


2014-02-04 16:01:38 by ChazDude

An update of various little things:


I've done my voice lines for the next animation, Potatoman will probably start animating it once my brother has recorded his lines (I even offered him £1 to do that).


I think I've found an agent now, printing could even start later this month. :3

Graphic Novel:

I'd have to say that this is pretty much dead in the water I'm afraid, bad story planning and lack of general interest among other things, at least I still eventually plan to do a compilation of some of the 'Dave & Carl' strips... (Stay tuned on that note).

That's pretty much it, I shall now leave you with this:



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2014-02-04 20:20:12

That's obviously not a mirror...
And well,good luck with the movies.

ChazDude responds:

Thank you :3