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This is the last post of the 2010s

Posted by ChazDude - December 30th, 2019

Potatoman Ignited. 500 followers. A lil' holiday from it all. This year was certainly a milestone if ever there were one. But now, that lil' holiday comes to an end. Dave & Carl #1001 and #1002 have already been drawn, so prepare for their glorious return!

Back in 2013, I had a backlog of comics that I wanted to release. Six years later, I had been sticking with this regime of releasing a comic two months after producing it. With the end of the hiatus, however, I've decided to switch this timespan to only 2/3 weeks. Apart from longer story editions, there's now a lot less time between production and release. On that note, Dave & Carl returns this Friday, the 3rd of January. As a special treat, Patrons can view #1001 - 'I'm Back' four days early! The Patreon page is updated every Monday while Dave & Carl will update (at least) every Friday. Furthermore I'd like to announce the first few details of the next story-driven instalment in the Dave & Carl universe... Captain Obnoxious.

Having introduced the character in Potatoman Ignited, Captain Obnoxious will be given his own adventure for 2020! It'll be a sort-of prequel-y backstoryish affair, with focus not just on CO, but on a certain other character as well... (no hints as to who yet). I've pretty much written the whole thing (roughly 50 pages or so) and it'll be released across three chapters, the first of which shall be on its way in early March. The others will likely follow in June and September. As the new year begins, production on this beast shall get underway!

Lastly on the topic of Dave & Carl for now, my site has received a substantial rejig! The character and location bios have been overhauled (and the originals are still linked if you wish to view 'em) while the 'COMICS' section has gotten a similar treatment. Go and check it out!

Finally, my old, slow Windows 7 machine has been superseded. Up to around the 20th of this month, every single Dave & Carl comic ever made had been made with that old rig, but alas, mere machines don't last forever, and too bad that Microsoft pulls the plug on Win 7 next month. Seriously though, this new PC I saved up for is a BEAST. Even got GTA V to celebrate the occasion!

Anyway, I think that's all for now. Happy New Year, Happy New Decade.

Let's do the best we can to make it a good one.





Comments (3)

Congrats on the new hardware man! Expecting some high-res 4K Dave & Carl remake editions to celebrate... or no. Either way this sounds great. You're not slowing down at all huh. I was expecting a possible catch-up hiatus but this is alright too...

Happy 2020 in a bit! Looking forward to what great surprises it might bring us.

Let me guess, the "certain other character" is Ray Radium? I've been itching to find out what caused his condition for quite a while now...

*No hints intensifies*

@Abcormal @ChazDude Oh, OK :)