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Potatoman Regrown Chapter 1 Coming Tomorrow

2018-01-19 08:45:15 by ChazDude

Potatoman Regrown, the second chapter in the Potatoman saga, shall be making its glorius debut at some point tomorrow. As per tradition, here's some facts:

  • Filesize: 16.3 MB
  • Number of panels: 194 (quite a lot)
  • Number of pages: 18
  • First long edition to be traced in Flash

Given the fact that I'll be releasing this story every other month, it'll be interesting to see how I keep up releasing something large and story-driven over the following months. In fact, just this morning I finished drawing Chapter 2, so that'll be fun to edit n' shit.

So yeah, see you guys tomorrow, hopefully.

Here's the last screenshot:



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