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Entry #163

Abandoned Graphic Novel Thingy

2014-05-11 06:44:37 by ChazDude

Back in January I was working on a Graphic novel length Dave & Carl story of some kind, but then I suddenly had no idea how to continue it (that plus I lost pretty much all interest in it), today, I've decided to release those pages that I completed (don't bother questioning them):


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2014-05-11 12:47:17

They're pretty good :D!

ChazDude responds:

Whatever people think of them I'm still not finishing them.


2014-05-12 11:12:34

About The Novel ! Have You Thought Of ... Do ... Animation ? :)
When You Need Help ! I Am Present !!! ;)

ChazDude responds:

No, I don't plan to turn it into anything at this point.